Hi, my name is Brendan Barr. I am a web developer obsessed with building clean, user-focused experiences. For over 12 years I have worked at agencies, startups, and on several of my own products. I have also been exclusively remote since 2015.
Ready to chat? Email me. Want to learn more? Check out my code on Github or browse my LinkedIn.
Here are some companies for whom I have coded
Founded and Co-founded

Tortoise Labs

Tortoise Labs is an incubator that teaches people how to make things that others truly want. We encourage early communication with potential customers and keeping all implemented technology and workflows as stripped down as possible.


Cloudhooks makes working with Shopify webhooks as simple as possible, so you can focus on writing event-driven code instead of managing a server.


Eariously is a text-to-speech platform that aims to convert any text into high-quality, shareable audio. The product is embeddable as a player widget in any page that contains article-like text, where it will auto-parse and convert the main content.


Prosaic is an independent publishing platform that combines the ease-of-use of a note-taking app with the power of a static site generator, making it easy for anyone to create a personal weblog.


Cloudthemes is an intuitive, no-code, style editor for Nationbuilder sites.


Districtor allows Mailchimp users to connect their supporters with their state and federal representatives in one-click from their inbox.
Open-Source Projects


Medium is my confusingly named communicating sequential processes (CSP) library that provides what I believe is the simplest implementation possible for Javascript with a reasonable feature set. Use channels to coordinate between various async workflows.